Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wud up Platinum- here we come - 4v4

Last night me and Ravage decided to play with some friends, and formed a new 4v4 team. This game was our 3rd placement match, and hell, we are going to get placed into platinum. having a solid team of 2 terrans, 1 toss, and a zerg, we make a difficult team to counter, yet in this match, it looked like everything was going to hell. Right in the beginning, a person on the other team quits, given the 3 guys left a huge economic advantage, (they basically had an expo right from the beginning) Ravage decided to float over to the island to go fast banshees. So me, VeRiTaS, and XxAeQuiTaSxX were left to fend for ourselves for a little while. VeRiTaS did some early scouting and found one of our opponents also flew to the last island. i immediately went for dropships but VeRiTaS had it covered, using a warp prism, he warped in some zels and stalkers and destroyed the island guys base. Unfortunately, he lifted off his buildings, so VeRiTaS couldn't finish him off completely. Around now, Ravage had banshees and went straight for the guy who quit. he destroyed the base, thereby smashing the economic advantage our opponents had for too long. XxAeQuiTaSxX meanwhile was getting corruptors, broodlords, and mutas. unfortunately, VeRiTaS encountered a not so friendly force of massed mutas. This guy must of been leeching off of the extra resources right from the beginning. There was too many for us to even take on. i started pumping marines and thors, and eventually vikings. sadly, Ravage did not have enough time to fortify his position against this massive air attack on his island, and thus the mutas came.

Thankfully, Ravage already had an expo on the mainland that was relatively safe. Yet, Ravage was mainly out of the game for a little while after his island base got killed, which was a major blow to morale and to our momentum. meanwhile, me and
VeRiTaS found out a disturbing truth. all 3 of our opponents were massing units. the terran guy who fled the island, soon became a pain in the ass by massing marauders and medivacs. the protoss guy who was relatively quiet, all of a sudden came out of no where with massed fully upgraded stalkers, which he would keep pumping insanely until the end of the game, and finally, the zerg scrub who massed mutas. eventually, between all the massing, XxAeQuiTaSxX fell, and our outlook was grim. perhaps because of rage, or because we are just that good, me and VeRiTaS held the line, pushing whenever we could to hit expos and bases. me and him soon dealt what was probably the death blow to the zerg player, whom Ravage so graciously asked us to kill, because you know, he just loved massed mutas that much. Stalker boy kept killing our army though, so me and VeRiTaS decided he was next.

Low and behold, Ravage came back. He showed these bitches, that if you want to mass units, do it right. WE CALLED THE FLEET, and hell it did not disappoint, with
VeRiTaS's army of zealots, stalkers, sentries, high templars, and immortals, my army of thors, marauders, marines, medivacs, and vikings, and Ravage's fleet of massed battlecrusiers, we went in for the kill. perhaps it was just me, but it seemed like it fell upon myself to kill stalker boy, he just crumbled, my combo of units was too much for his scrub strategy.
After we killed stalker boy, the only person left, was the terran guy, and once again, after me and VeRiTaS wiped out his base, he fled to his island, yet again. we watched with laughter as ravage picked apart his AA defenses and covered the island in the shadow of the battlecrusiers. not only was this an amazingly unpredicatble game, but it shows that you should always have a good combo of units, massing crap is usually not good (in Ravage's case, we thought we lost anyway), and in this game, our team shows how you get things done, like a damn boss!

watch all the action and all of that pwnage battle right here-


  1. Good write up man. Liked it

  2. Great post, hilarious picture to boot.

  3. Lol @ starcraft. i haven't played that in years and miss it. at least i miss brood war. can't do the whole 3d thing too well. give me some 2d ling rush.

  4. Yo you should get starcraft 2 im not that good at it but it is mad fun, nice blog you guys, keep it up

  5. That was the coolest thing I have ever seen in my entire life!

  6. thanks for the feedback guys, I'll keep you posted on the Sc2 games this teams plays, i really think we might even get into diamond once we get used to each others strategies and playing styles

  7. This blog makes me want SC2 sooo bad... Curse my Crap-Top. ; ;

  8. I might just buy SC2, your stories make it sound pretty fun