Tuesday, February 8, 2011

World of Warcraft Cataclysm

Screenshot by Tagowar
World of Warcraft: Cataclysm is Blizzard Entertainments latest expansion for World of Warcraft. This expansion revitalizes the old world of the game, and adds many new quests and two new races, Worgen and Goblins. They also raised the level cap to 85, allowing you to become even more powerful and explore more of Warcraft's rich lore. Worgens are fun to play because they have the ability to transform from a worgen(kinda like a warewolf) back to a human and visa versa. Goblins are fun to play becasue they have the ability to make cool objects such as motor cycles which you can ride in style around the world.

I have been playing WoW as it is called since early 2005 and the game has continued to be fun and entertaining. However recently i had quit due to the my lackluster feelings towards the latest expansion and my friends leaving the game. Recently i returned to the world of Azeroth and was pleased to find that much had changed for the better. Lower level quests were now fun to play again as the story had advanced a few years and the quests had been up dated with newer features. I normally play as a Holy Paladin but recently due to the patch changes I started a Mage and now have a level 85 Paladin for raid healing and a level 46 Mage that i am trying to level to get to my friends level so we can play together. The game is ever changing and new stuff to do is added all the time, I do not like Dnoop says feel as though i need to "Grind those levels" as in other MMOs, because in WoW you are always doing something fun where you don't need to just kill 1 person after another. You can now level without having to spend hours killing and rather by playing player verses player battles and practing fun professions such as Blacksmithing which allows your character to get powerful armor and benefits. These features are contrary to newer MMO's which arent already established and don't have enough content.

If you don't like WoW and its not your thing, perhaps me riding a flying beetle into combat against EVA 1 is.

Picture by Solid Shake.


  1. I lost interest when cataclysm came out, they changed the classes too much IMO

  2. Perhaps, but then its like an entire new game no? WoW back in 2005-2007 will always be the best. Oblivion's sequel Skyrim is what I'm really looking foward to. Also Nights of the old republic.