Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dead space 2

My dead space 2 review.
Graphics: 4/5 (I had to play it on low so look for yourself)

Sound 2/5 Because its misleading, when playing in stereo sound from behind you is really coming really in front of you. The in game music was only there to tell you when monsters were on their way.

Game play 4/5 : It was fun for a while and the story was enough to keep you going, but after a while it gets predictable and linear around chapter 7

Multiplayer -/5: I didn't get to try multiplayer but it looked fun enough, nothing too great

Horror/Scariness 2/5: I got this game hoping for something scary, like the first dead space one is
less scary and like the last dead space, you can easily predict where the monsters will "pop out" at you. They don't even really pop out anymore, in fact they give you a big warning as to when you will be attacked. Overall don't play this for the horror aspect, play it for the exploration/story

Overall it was a decent shooter. play it if you liked the first one, and want to see the story continued. If you don't like 3rd person shooters this isn't the place to start. and if you want a scary game go buy amnesia. my final score is (3/5) its nothing special