Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Guide: Basics

This is going to be my first installment of guides for starcraft2. In this edition ill be covering some of the basics of starcraft2. Lets start with control groups.

Control groups

Control groups are assigned hotkey for any of your buildings and units to any of the keys 1 through 0. This allows you to quickly call up important quads of units as well as any of your buildings. This is particularly vital considering that this allows u to continue to produce units while fighting. Standard hotkeys in starcraft2 usually consist of your main army on 1, spellcasters on 2, micro required units on 3, and production structures on the remaining (remember you can put multiple units and buildings in one control group).


Your ecnomoy in starcraft2 is quite possibly the most important factor in the game as this directly determines how many units you can get onto the field. The central aspect in managing one's ecnomy in starcraft2 is simply to always be producing workers. This ensures max usage of your bases resources but remember each base does have a limit. The optimal number of workers mining both minerals and gas is 24 and 3(per gyser) respectively. After reaching this number, its in your best units to make a new base. Each race in starcraft2 also its own economy enhancer. The terran have the mule, the protoss the chrono boost, and the zerg the queen. Each is necessary in order to use the most our of your race.

Basic Tips
- Keep total mineral count low, having extra minerals means u have less units on the field that u should, try to stay below 400
- Always be producing units, if you don't your enemy will and you'll soon find yourself outnumbered
- Don't get supply blocked! build your next supply structure when you have about 5-6 remaining
- When your in the battle stay focused on the battle. Never jump between base building while in the battle as this is a sure way to get your units killed, however, if the battle is clearly a loss cause it might be best to focus on building
-Good Luck!


  1. Yeah but there is something important to note to the above. You must make sure you protect your mineral lines, remember, air units love to pick off workers.

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