Thursday, February 3, 2011


For 1v1's on scII, i believe that the hardest race to play as is protoss. i got to silver as playing solid toss in 1v1's. i Excelled at killing zerg players, from going phoenix, to pumping some immortals out fast to counter roaches, and if the game lasted longer then a few minutes, colossi would end the game quickly. the problem with protoss in 1v1 is when you verse terran. a mediocre terran opponent will have enough brains to simply get some maruaders with concussion shells, and they will pwn all ealry toss units, which consist of the zelot, stalker, and sentry. after trying to get charge fast, i learned that it all comes down to micro with the toss player, which many people do not have the insane micro required to defend aganist an early marauder rush. So, after rage quitting on numerous occasions, i decided to try 1v1s as terran and im going for the ghost portrait. ill have a replay of a master toss player and a master terran player, to show you just how insane a toss player needs to be to beat a terran player...

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