Thursday, February 10, 2011

Guide: Terran Part1

In this guide i'll be covering some of the basics of the Terran race.


Each race in starcraft2 has a fundamentally different method of building. In this regard the Terran's system of building may seem more straight forward than the others but has its own intricacies. Supply Depots are the Terran's method of increasing and maintaining their supply limit. Each depot raises your supply by 8, allowing you to produce more units. Also each depot has the unique ability to submerge into the ground to allow units to walk over it, giving the Terran's the ability to wall of their base without any drawbacks. ( There is never a reason why you should not wall as terran). All of the Terran's main combat units can be trained from the barracks, factory, and starport. Consequently the 3 types of Terran units are bio(infantry units ie. marine), mech(armored units ie. siege tank) and air(air units ie. banshee). Also each of these buildings can be bolstered by the addition of either a tech lab or reactor. The tech lab opens up higher tech units as well unique upgrades while the reactor allows two units to be trained simultaneously.

Basic Army Composition

The terrans have some of the most micro intensive units in the game. For this reason any new terran will likely want to build with two basic army compositions in mind. The first is known as MMM(Marines, Marauders, and Medivacs). This combination is effective in nearly all situations with the exception of Aoe(Area of Effect damage) The only upgrade truly necessary for this army is stimpacks two boost the attack speed on both the marines and marauders. At the same time it keeps the medivacs in line with marines and marauders. The second strategy is simply MM+Tanks(Marines, Marauders, and Siege Tanks). Stim pack isn't as vital in this strategy so much as siege tech on the tanks. In this army of the majority of the damage is done from the siege tanks in siege mode while the Marines and Marauders provide cover.

Staracrft2 glossary part1

micro-micromanagement of indvidual units

macro-status of economy (If your macro is very good, your resource income is very good as well as your ability to produce units)

rush-early attack

MMM-marine, marauder, medivacs

6pool-early zergling rush

counter- after or while being attacked, attack your enemies base

gl hf- good luck, have fun

Thanks for reading i hope to have part2 up soon where i'll cover unit roles as well as few buildorders