Thursday, February 17, 2011

MineCraft BETA: Review

Me and Jello500s combined fortress of awesome
Dnoop was their too

Gameplay 5/5

The game play in Minecraft is subjective, with the two default Gamemodes being quite polarizing. The game modes included in the 15 Euro(approximately 20 dollar purchase) include survival and sandbox modes. The survival mode is great for players who want to build castles and fight monsters. However the combat mechanic is still a little raw, however i have never played a game where i was so afraid to die in my life. Sandbox mode is peaceful, and no monster are present, gamers are able to mine and build their own castles in peace. Any complaints about the games gamemodes are easily remedied by imagination and mods.

Graphics 2/5

While the game is still in beta testing, the graphics are incredibly dated. There were games back in 2001 with better graphics and arguably earlier. However the graphics are the way they are because the game is completely malleable, anything can be broken or built and the appearance of this game can be modded. The game still receives pretty poor score for graphics however, due to the fact that we've been playing games with better graphics for over a decade.

Sound 3/5

The soundtrack to the game is phenomenal considering it only consists of very few tracks, the music sounds as though you are building and traveling under the earth and really adds to the atmosphere. The sound effects are alright, but sometimes feel slightly out of place. Another complaint about the sound is there is relatively no environmental dampeners(As far as i know) and its all distance based. AS this game is a beta and people enjoy their own music when running games, the sound doesn't detract from the game play.

Lasting Appeal 5/5

The game is still in beta and already its incredibly addicting. The mod support and the constant updates are a huge plus, although the main designer is away on vacation, eventually he promises to release more updates and the game is discounted as it is still beta. Minecraft challenges you to create your own world and gives u nothing but your imagination and the world around you to do it. It is truly a unique experience.

Bottom Line, 15/20

The game is still in beta and is highly subjective. Play the game for yourself before you completely dismiss it based on the graphics. The constant updates and mod support mean that this score is relatively low compared to the true potential of this intriguingly unique "indie" game. I've played the game for hours and i still can't get back to my other games, Starcraft, Warcraft, and Xbox. Or my neglected Anime series'.


  1. The graphics are meant to be like that. They arnt supposed to be next gen Crysis-like graphics. If you want the game to look better than download an HD texture pack

  2. MFW i build 95% of that base, and 100% of what you see in that picture. :/

    u gotta build more kid

  3. Dude I kno. But the server runs like crap on my comp. I dislike the default scheme. I dled a texture pack.

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