Monday, May 7, 2012

Back with that Swtor Swag [Jedi Knight]

Hey guys I know its been awhile since I posted and so with the semester finally coming to a close I think its time to start this up again. For those of you that don't know I'm a huge fan of star wars and have been hooked since day 1 on Bioware's Swtor (Still haven't forgiven them for ME3's ending, but more on that later)

So without further delay please enjoy the class progression trailers that I'll be posting daily until I run out and come up with something else! (Btw the music for all of these trailers is by Two Steps from Hell, which only makes them more epic. Comment if you want a link to the name/download of the song(s))

Jedi Knight

One of my mains so far is a Jedi Guardian plus I also have a Sith Marauder which in mechanics is basically the same thing as a sentinel so I've got some measure on the class already. Probably the biggest draw to the knight isn't game play but rather the story associated class which you may have heard plays out like your standard bioware game. Overall this hook is pretty effective. The characters you'll meet along the way for the Knight are some of the most entertaining in the game if not all of Star Wars.
That being said the knight doesn't really feel that exceptionally powerful in game play. The guardian has a reputation of being the weakest tank in the game and that respect its sadly but barely true. The dps options too. while powerful, don't really stack up to some of the other classes, despite doing some pretty nice single target true damage.
While everything I've just said is true, don't be in any way discouraged to play the knight. No other class can quite equal the thrill of force leaping into battle and dishing out righteous justice to the fools that might stand in your way. As one your first companions is fond of saying "Eat lightsaber jerk!"