Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Amazing Comeback Kids - 2v2

Ravage and I played some 2v2's today, and in this particular game, found ourselves with our backs against the wall from the very beginning. With my own main base nearly obliterated and Ravage holding on to a single thread of life, i began my quiet ascension to power. The enemy army consisted of upgraded hydras, zerglings, and a protoss mix of stalkers, dark templars, and colossi. While Ravage courageously held the line with a good combo mix of Protoss units like stalkers, sentries, dark templars, and some zealots, i began my assembly line of tanks, soon, in perfect timing, i had at least 10 tanks, Giving him full control of my army, I continued to pump out units like a well oiled assembly line, to back up Ravage in a final battle. After which, the enemy crumbled to our prowess and put up little to no resistance. They eventually fled, in part because of fear, and the rest from rage.
check it out


  1. They would have wrecked you guys if they attacked you when the zerg sent those zerglings at your expos

  2. unfortunately for them, they were not intelligent enough to realize that, mainly because they probably had no intel on our army size. Its always easy to see mistakes watching a replay again, yet in real-time, everyone does what they think is best given their current info gathered, and you may find out later that the intel gathered was not enough, therefore, causing a loss, as in this game for our opponents