Sunday, April 3, 2011

Back in the Old Grind, Ravage and i have a rough comeback

After 2-3 consecutive fails, ravage and i decided to go zerg, and be those guys. we were gonna six pool. yet we decided we should win fair and square, even though it was against 2 toss players. needless to say, one of them goes air-phoenix and void rays, and the other goes stalks, zels, and immortals. we did a pro strategy and massed queens, and then the game was ours. i supplemented my queens with teced hydras, while ravage got mutas. my favorite part of this game is when they attack my rich min expo, and i get about 100 hyras to just surround their army, and i eat them. take a look at one of our first games in SC2 for the new season-season2